Utah Physical Therapy Association


Course Accreditation Approval

The Utah Physical Therapy Association (UPTA) is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as an accrediting body. If your organization is sponsoring a continuing education course, the UPTA can approve your course for Continuing Education Units (CEU) that any attending PT's and PTA's can receive to apply towards their licensing requirements. (What are the current CEU Requirements?) Also, if you have taken a course and want to make sure it is approved for CEUs, we can help with that.

Course Sponsors

Organizations and/or individuals sponsoring or hosting a course for continuing education of Physical Therapists and/or Physical Therapist Assistants can apply for accreditation of their course through the UPTA. Please plan ahead--this process takes up to three weeks once your information/payment is received. If your course is approved for accreditation, we will send you a certificate for approved CEUs of your course. Course sponsors are responsible for providing certificates to their attendees of the course.

You will need to provide the following information for your application.

  • Course Brochure
  • Course Objectives
  • Instructor(s) credentials and time spent teaching

All information must be electronic--no faxes, or hard copies--for distribution to the Accreditation Committee.

Apply for endorsement of continuing education courses

Individual PTs/PTAs

If you have attended a course in the past or are interested in one that does not have CEU approval by an accrediting body (ask the course sponsor), then the UPTA Accrediting Committee can verify if the CEUs are approved. There is a $15 fee for UPTA Members and $25 fee for Non-Members. E-mail the course brochure and instructor information to "". Once your information and payment is received, the process takes up to 3 weeks for committee review, however.

Pay $15 UPTA Member Fee

Pay $25 Non-Member Fee

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