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Thanks to All of Our UPTA Vendors!

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Call us at 1-877-753-5556

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Sean Williams - Associate Recruiter
P: 1-866-427-2004 x520
F: 1-877-479-2652

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Bentley LeBaron
Cell: 801-334-9859
Fax: 801-934-2339

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A Special Thank You to Intermountain Health Care For Sponsoring Our Business Meeting Lunch On Friday, October 14th

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Quinn Beardall
Office: 801-569-7000
Fax: 801-676-7279

Vendors: Alpine Logo

Alpine Home Medical
Phone: 801-463-0044

Vendors: Dynasplint Logo

Brian Rood
Office: 1-800-638-6771

Vendors: Spectrum Logo

Phone: 801-506-0415
Toll Free: 1-800-496-5993

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McKay Ozuna
Phone: 801-615-6680

Vendors: Imx Logo

Heather Birch
Phone: 801-201-2456

Vendors: Trumotion Logo

Patrick S. Latimer
Phone: 801-943-6277

Vendors: Shriners

Jill Conner
Phone: 801-536-3550
Fax: 801-536-3799

Vendors: Sammons Preston

Rob Blair
Phone: 801-550-2850
Fax: 801-302-0487

Vendors: Hanger

Julie Karr
Phone: 801-266-7768
Fax: 801-266-9570

Vendors: Mountainland Rehabilitation

Rich Armstrong
Phone: 801-942-3311 x311
Fax: 801-4955303

Vendors: Djo Global

Vendors: Rifton

Britta Wareham
Phone: 800-571-8198
Fax: 800-865-4674

Vendors: Legacy Village

Summer Crouch
Phone: 801-807-0113
Fax: 801-927-6235

Vendors: Sunshine Terrace Foundation

Vendors: Accelerated Health

Robyn Sly
Phone: 801-717-9248
Fax: 801-307-0200

Vendors: Upper Limit

Dan Going
Phone: 801-973-7303
Fax: 801-954-8878

Vendors: Arctic Ease

David Jex
Phone: 801-318-3695

Vendors: Calhoon

Lynn Calhoon
Phone: 801-274-2243
Fax: 801-272-0717

Vendors: IHC Children

Shannon Arnold
Phone: 801-840-4377
Fax: 801-840-4399


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